Meet The Producers

When we met at a party 32 years ago, we could never have imagined the life we would get to lead. Love, marriage, and family quickly became the most important things in our lives. Hand in hand, we navigated through life’s changes and challenges with confidence. Side by side, we proudly co-founded eight unique brands. We are podcasting pioneers who helped shape the podcast landscape as it exists today. Together, we’ve created a strong partnership enjoying an entrepreneurial lifestyle committed to educating, empowering, and enriching lives with a first-class experience to remember.

As sexagenarians, we are your bridge between the pre-Internet world, the entrepreneurial world, and today’s digital world. We are highly skilled and talented in front of and behind the screen, adept at using the features of the tools implemented, and can best prepare everyone – attendees, exhibitors, hosts, speakers, and sponsors – to be comfortable in a live online interface. Combining ‘old school’ techniques with emerging digital technologies, we are committed to delivering excellence when training startups, businesses, and non-profits, to harness the power of creativity, community, connection, and collaboration to drive revenue, client results, and happiness.

Meet Holli & Robert


“Live in your purpose, with your passion, that is when you shine the brightest.”

High-Energy Creative

Content Coach

Idea Maven



Brand Strategist

LOVES Art, Beach, Design, Fashion, Indoor Cycling, Mah Jongg, Pickleball, Tennis, Tequila, Theater


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”


Innovation Specialist

Digital Media Expert


Award-Winning Videojournalist

The Originator of The 30-Minute Edit

LOVES Bruce Springsteen, Cooking, Flight Radar, Gardening, NY Pizza, Sushi, Tech, Vodka

Three Decades of Expertise

Founders of 8 Unique Brands

Real-life husband and wife business partners have first-hand knowledge and expertise in developing innovative concepts to get you and your business noticed in person and online. We are passionate about storytelling and helping others learn and grow.


  • Holli & Robert get married on March 14, 1992
  • The first brand created together is Absolute Video Productions, a professional video services company
  • Robert speaks on a national stage presenting original concepts to professional event videographers
  • Holli & Robert have 2 children: Lindsey Taylor born April 1994 and Alex Dylan born September 1996
  • Rebrand Absolute Video to Robert Allen, Videojournalist


  • Holli & Robert are early adopters/pioneer podcasters when they create Brand #2: Wedding Podcast Network (WPN)
  • Leading authority in bridal media
  • 11 original shows on WPN with 200+ episodes of wedding planning advice, ideas, resources, and tips
  • Conversations with top wedding professionals in the wedding industry and interviews with engaged couples


  • With the success of WPN, we launch Brand #3 New Media Connection to help businesses strengthen their brand identity and position themselves as an authority
  • With the ever-changing landscape of technology, we introduce the power of video, webinars, podcasts, blogs, presentations, email campaigns, and social media content
  • Proudly produce original podcast programming for small businesses: Ear on Careers, Elder Law Today


  • Brand #4 is The 21st Century Bride, our first hybrid event production
  • A full-day educational conference for wedding-related businesses presented live to 150 attendees in person and live-streamed to over 100 attendees in 33 states and 7 countries
  • A spectacular B2B event with 20 dynamic industry experts who presented short-form sessions on how to marry classic marketing with the latest online strategies to build a strong brand
  • Offered the online replay with 7 recorded hours of valuable information


  • Brand #5 is Canna Pop-Up where we bring people together to learn about cannabis for health and wellness
  • Events showcase a curated selection of innovative products and services from high-quality brands, cannapreneurs, and sponsors
  • Novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts sample, shop, and savor an experience to remember
  • In-person, hybrid, and virtual Canna Pop-Up events keep the community connected with education, entertainment, and prizes


  • Holli & Robert pivoted during the pandemic to bring you Brand #6, At Home Event, a unique niche online marketplace bringing people and businesses together
  • A fun, interactive virtual experience that features the latest lifestyle brands, products, and services
  • Produced At Home Wedding Expo, At Home Wellness Expo, and At Home Craft & Gift Show to help increase vendors’ and sponsors’ brand awareness and to make memorable connections with real-time video chat
  • Vendor spotlights and educational talks reached thousands of attendees from around the globe


  • We brought our client’s curriculum and seminars to reality with Brand #7, A Wakened Events
  • Business development consulting and implementation: original logo/website/workbook/poster designs, branded content creation, marketing strategy, email campaign, social media & blog posts
  • Event planning and production for in-person and online launch parties, full-day events, and virtual follow-up meetings
  • Documented events via video and photography and testimonial video production


  • We are very excited to launch Brand #8, Holli & Robert, a forward-thinking happily married couple dedicated to sharing lessons learned on love, family, relationships, and an entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • We consult, coach, and train you to wow your audience with a positive, meaningful, lucrative experience
  • Passionate about inspiring people to share their unique stories and put new ideas into motion to distinguish its business
  • We want to make a difference in people’s lives as we look forward to the future together

What Matters Most?

Our Mission + Values

The Power Of People, Purpose, And Positivity

The potential for greatness lies within each of us. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Commitment to Excellence

We evaluate products and services and recommend the best resources and platforms to our network.

Get It Done And Get It Done Right

You can do anything, but not everything. We provide knowledge, skills, creativity, passion, and enthusiasm.

Minimize Mistakes To Maximize Success

Gain self-confidence with professional tips and advice that will help position you and your business as an authority in your field.

Share Your Unique Story

Life is a beautiful masterpiece bound together by your experiences. Make a difference by being the difference.

Lifelong Learners

To become extraordinary in all areas of your life it’s important to invest in personal and professional growth and development. 

Leave A Legacy

Create a reputation of integrity. Do good things, impact others, and make a mark on the world that cannot be erased. 

Our Dream 

Thank you for letting us be part of your dreams and life experience. In your success, lies our success!