Believing in Your Dreams For Your Next Big Move

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In this heartfelt episode of Between Over and Next, listeners are invited to join Holli and Robert as they delve into the emotional and complex world of real estate with their friend and realtor, Jackie Mandell. The discussion pivots around the duo’s personal experience of moving after 30 years, highlighting the significance of the process, and Jackie’s pivotal role in it. This conversation is not just about finding a new house but about discovering a new home that aligns with one’s dreams and reflects a lifetime of memories.

Jackie expounds on the intricacies of buying and selling a home, emphasizing how these transactions are deeply rooted in personal relationships and trust. She asserts that every home purchase is unique and deeply entwined with one’s lifestyle and emotional state. Listeners are rewarded with insights that extend beyond just buying or selling a property as this episode reverberates with the message that a true home transcends physical structures and is anchored wherever there’s love and togetherness.

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In This Episode:

00:00 Introduction to the podcast and the importance of a good realtor
03:50 The significance of relationships and trust in the real estate process
06:06 The unique role Jackie played in helping the hosts with their move
07:19 Understanding the emotional and financial aspects of buying a home
09:01 Different profiles of homebuyers and their needs and wants
10:22 The importance of location and pretending to live in a new neighborhood
11:58 Tips for finding a dream home and getting to know a new area
12:34 Consider what’s important to you when choosing a new location
13:02 Having multiple airports nearby can be convenient for travel
13:11 Consider the cultural and lifestyle aspects of a location
13:32 Make a list of what you want in your next home
13:48 Downsizing and decluttering can be emotional but necessary
14:25 Many items may not hold value for others
15:38 Home is wherever your loved ones are
16:27 Belief and patience are key to achieving your goals
17:07 Don’t let the market frenzy dictate your decisions
18:55 Working with the right professionals is crucial for a smooth process
20:52 Building a network of trusted individuals is important
21:40 Embrace change and see it as an opportunity for growth
22:09 Believe in yourself and know that you deserve happiness
22:36 Jackie talks about being a part of Holli and Robert’s story
22:57 Holli and Robert express their gratitude to Jackie
23:02 Jackie feels blessed to be there for Holli and Robert
23:16 Robert thanks Jackie for being a guest
23:26 Jackie is thrilled to be on the podcast
23:29 Holli and Robert discuss the takeaways from the conversation with Jackie
24:02 Holli mentions that real estate transactions are not just transactions
24:25 Robert agrees and emphasizes the importance of communication
25:05 Holli and Robert reflect on the time and energy required for buying/selling a home
25:25 Holli and Robert express their happiness with their current situation
26:02 Robert mentions the importance of not settling
26:14 Holli encourages listeners to not settle
26:38 Holli and Robert reflect on their adventure of looking at homes
27:08 Holli and Robert express their gratitude to listeners
28:19 End of podcast episode

Key Takeaways

  1. Your home is not just a physical space, but where life’s stories begin and memories are created.
  2. The process of moving and real estate is highly emotional and should be approached with care and patience.
  3. Understanding what you truly need and want in a home is a crucial part of the buying process.
  4. Important life transitions like moving to a new home require expert guidance and support from trusted professionals.
  5. It is essential to feel aligned with the location, community, and lifestyle your new environment offers.

Notable Quotes

“Your home is where your heart is. It’s where your memories begin. It’s where your memories are created.” – Jackie Mandel
“Not every realtor is made up the same way and does not bring the same level of professionalism.” – Robert
“Wherever Robert is, is my home.” – Holli
“You should have everything you want…Do not compromise. Do not settle.” – Holli
“Do the ‘let’s pretend’… Go to the neighborhood… Pretend you live there.” – Jackie Mandell

About Jacqueline “Jackie” Mandell

Jackie Mandell is a seasoned real estate professional who plays a critical role in the life-changing process of buying and selling homes. Boasting years of experience in the industry, Jackie is known for her holistic approach to real estate, emphasizing the relationship and emotional journey alongside the financial and logistical aspects. Her personable approach and keen understanding of client’s needs and desires have established her as a trusted advisor in real estate circles.
JACQUELINE MANDELL GROUP NJ REALTORS® Circle of Excellence GOLD Sales Award 2022®

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