Building A Happy Life While Working With Your Spouse

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In this episode of ‘Between Over and Next,’ co-hosts Holli and Robert delve into the complexities and rewards of navigating personal and professional life as a married couple. They discuss their journey of working closely together for more than three decades, exploring the nuances of maintaining happiness when your spouse is also your business partner. This episode provides a candid look into their own experiences, offering listeners a unique window into the harmonious world they’ve cultivated.

The couple reflects on the intricate balance of partnership, detailing their strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve success together. Their shared beliefs in communication, trust, and respect have established a strong foundation for their marriage and joint business endeavors. Listeners will walk away with a better understanding of the key aspects that make a professional relationship work, even when mixed with romance.

In This Episode

0:00 Mastering the Art of Working With Your Spouse
3:00 Family Dynamics in Business Partnerships
5:03 Dynamic Duos: On-Screen Couples and Their Real-Life Chemistry
7:07 Balancing Personal and Professional Life in a Partnership
9:56 Balancing Marriage and Entrepreneurship Together
12:58 Balancing Marriage and Business with Boundaries and Respect
15:54 Strategic Vision and Honest Feedback in Business Partnerships
17:35 Balancing Marriage and Business in a Shared Workspace
22:57 Balancing Work Dynamics and Personal Relationships
24:56 Celebrating Teamwork and Partnership in Business and Life
28:48 Inspiration and Insight for Work and Love Life

Key Takeaways

  • Working with your spouse professionally requires clear communication, trust, and mutual respect to navigate the mixed dynamics successfully.
  • Establishing distinct roles and boundaries within the partnership is crucial to maintaining personal happiness and professional effectiveness.
  • Celebrating successes and learning from disagreements are an integral part of growing together in a business partnership.
  • Entrepreneurial couples should share a vision and goals but also need to be flexible and willing to pivot when necessary.
  • A successful working relationship with your spouse can offer incredible rewards, including a deeper level of understanding and collaboration.

Holli & Robert Quotes

  • “Almost 100% of the time when we tell people that we’re married and work together, almost 100% of the time, the reaction is, oh, my God, I could never do that.” Robert
  • “Our compatibility is extraordinary. We are friends, lovers, and business partners.” Holli
  • “Being an entrepreneur is based on wanting to and being able to be in control of your schedule, your daily schedule, not having someone else dictate that to you.” Robert
  • “We have each other’s best interests at heart.” Holli
  • “Our personalities are very different… but they’re complimentary.” Robert

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