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In this episode of “Between Over & Next,” hosts Holli and Robert welcome Arell Rivers, a former attorney turned contemporary romance novelist, whose journey from the legal world to the creative space of writing defines the explorative essence of career pivoting. Arell shares what triggered her series of professional transitions and what it means to define success on one’s own terms. The discussion delves into the intricacies and misconceptions of being a romance author and the role of marketing in self-publishing.
Arell Rivers’ path from a structured career in law to the free-flowing narrative of romance novels captures the adventurous spirit of embracing life’s uncertainties. Reflecting upon her trials and triumphs, she reveals how marketing has played a significant role in her entrepreneurial endeavors. The conversation also highlights the psychological depth that goes into character development within her novels, debunking myths surrounding the romance genre.

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In This Episode:

00:00 Introduction to the podcast and voiceover G. Keith Alexander
03:06 Arell’s pivot from being an attorney to a wedding and event planner
06:36 Transitioning into the tutoring and college counseling business
08:58 Arell’s journey as a romance novelist
10:39 Arell’s extensive collection of books and fan interactions
11:24 Possibility of Arell’s books becoming movies
11:54 Robert asks if Arell is fulfilled being a romance novelist
12:02 Arell talks about the psychology behind crafting characters in romance novels
12:38 Arell dispels the stereotype that romance novels write themselves
13:20 Arrell discusses the character development in her novels
14:28 Robert asks Arell what advice she would give her 20-year-old self
14:41 Arell advises not to let others define success and to do what you love
15:05 Arell wishes she had known earlier about the importance of marketing
15:37 Arell talks about the challenges of creating audiobook versions of her novels
18:09 Robert highlights the importance of marketing and connecting with the target audience
18:40 Arell emphasizes the importance of following dreams
19:19 Holli and Robert discuss their career journeys
22:10 Holli mentions how Arell embraced podcasting and its impact on their business
23:21 Robert and Holli express their gratitude for the audience’s support and reviews
23:42 Holli expresses happiness for the audience being with them
24:02 Robert mentions relevant links in the show notes and encourages feedback
24:11 Holli signs off and thanks the audience

Key Takeaways

  1. Embracing career changes can lead to discovering one’s passion, as shown by Arell Rivers’ transition from law to romance novel writing.
  2. Success should not be defined by others or by financial metrics alone—pursuing what you love can bring fulfillment and eventually lead to financial reward.
  3. Marketing is a critical component in entrepreneurship, especially in the self-publishing industry, and learning its dynamics is key to success.
  4. The romance genre offers significant depth and complexity in character development, contesting the stereotype that romance novels have formulaic plots.
  5. The power of community in platforms like social media, specifically Facebook groups, is essential for engagement and forming relationships with the audience.

Arell Rivers Quotes

“Don’t let others define success for you. Don’t define success by a dollar figure. Do what you love and the money will follow.”
“You have to learn how to navigate both employee and entrepreneur roles. Whichever one you’re in, you have to learn how to make the most of it.”
“The way the characters are and how another character comes and makes one a fuller human being.” – Arrell Rivers discussing character development in romance novels
“It’s a lot more difficult than people realize because you hear a lot of, ‘Oh, romance writers, right? The novel writes itself because it’s the same every time.’ And that’s so not true.”

About Arell Rivers

Before embracing her passion for writing romance, she practiced law at prominent New York and New Jersey firms. Following her stint in law, Arrell became an event and wedding planner, drawing inspiration from planning her own wedding. She further ventured into the world of marketing, specifically in the tutoring and college counseling industry, alongside her husband. Her robust pivot culminated in her current role as an independently published author, having written a trilogy and contributed to anthologies, with a total of over 15 romance novels to her name. Arell is a member of the New Jersey chapter of Romance Writers of America.

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