How To Bloom Where You’re Planted With An Entrepreneurial Spirit

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In this episode of “Between Over & Next,” hosts Holli & Robert welcome Donna Fillweber, a vibrant entrepreneur who has showcased a remarkable ability to pivot across diverse professional landscapes. Donna shares valuable life lessons from her success in direct sales with Lia Sophia to becoming the Publisher of Pequannock Magazine. Tune in for a heartfelt discussion on self-belief, overcoming challenges, finding joy, and living authentically. 

Donna recounts her transition from a stay-at-home mom to a business leader in the competitive realms of scrapbooking, jewelry, and nail products. She emphasizes the importance of networking and passion in achieving financial independence and personal growth. Additionally, Donna discusses her recent ventures into real estate and publishing, underscoring the importance of community connection and personal fulfillment. Don’t miss this insightful conversation filled with practical advice and inspirational stories of resilience, adaptability, and thriving in various industries.

In This Episode

0:00 The Power of Networking and Meaningful Connections
6:02 Donna’s Journey from Divorce to Entrepreneurship
7:01 From Scrapbooking to Jewelry: A Journey of Passion and Success
8:19 Donna’s Journey from Home Parties to Financial Independence
13:19 Opportunities and Challenges in Direct Sales and Network Marketing
14:34 Empowering Women Through Nail Art and Entrepreneurship
17:21 Balancing Work and Personal Freedom
17:34 Donna’s Journey from Single Motherhood to Real Estate
19:07 Donna’s Journey to Becoming a Publisher
22:48 Resilience and Adaptability in Overcoming Personal and Professional Challenges
25:21 Reflections on Life, Happiness, and Personal Growth
32:19 The Benefits and Misconceptions of Direct Sales and Network Marketing
34:21 Capricorn Traits and the Importance of Gratitude
38:19 Showcasing Donna’s Magazine and Inspirational Stories

Key Takeaways

  • Authenticity in Business: Donna stresses the importance of being genuine and passionate about what you do, as this authentic connection fosters trust and success in any venture.
  • Power of Networking: Building and nurturing networking relationships can significantly impact personal and professional growth.
  • Adapting to Change: Embracing life changes and viewing them as opportunities for growth can pave the way for unexpected successes.
  • Balancing Life and Work: Flexibility is crucial in effectively managing one’s time between professional duties and personal life.
  • Family as a Driving Force: Donna’s journey highlights her family’s influence in motivating her to strive for and achieve financial independence and professional success.

Donna Fillweber Quotes

“Do what you love, and the money will come.”
“It’s always a no if you don’t ask.”
“If something feels funny, it’s usually off.”
“Bloom where you are planted.”
“Just do it and move on to the next thing.”


About Donna Fillweber
Publisher, Pequannock & Pompton Plains Magazine  

Donna Fillweber is a multifaceted entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in various business ventures. She started her journey in direct sales, excelling in companies like Lia Sophia and Color Street, managing and mentoring teams of hundreds of women. Donna recently transitioned into real estate with Realty Executives Exceptional Realtors, and publishing, currently serving as the Editor and Publisher of Pequannock Magazine. Donna’s hobbies include hiking, gardening, pickleball, home decor, and cooking.
June 2024 Issue Pequannock & Pompton Plains Magazine
Wainscot Media Publications

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