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In today’s rapidly evolving world, the concept of a lifelong career is no longer the norm. The journey between where we are, where we have been, and where we want to be can often seem like a complex maze. However, as the insightful podcast “Between Over and Next” reveals, it also offers a rich space full of possibilities for personal and professional growth. Hosts Holli and Robert introduce us to the inspiring story of Shannon Mayernik, who at 41, discovered her passion for herbalism and transformed her life by leaving the confines of a loathed publishing job to create a business bursting with purpose. 

Shannon reminisces about the pivotal moment that shifted her career trajectory – a spontaneous visit to a local farm that led to her epiphany and decisive career shift from a twelve-year stint in publishing to pursuing herbalism. The narrative unfolds as she shares her explorations in herbalism and the joys of working harmoniously with nature. Shannon deconstructs the idea of plant medicine, touching upon how common herbs like ginger, lemon balm, and chamomile can be used as natural remedies for the body’s well-being. This podcast episode illustrates the power of embracing one’s true calling and how nature, entrepreneurship, and personal well-being can intertwine to foster a meaningful life.

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In This Episode

00:00 Introduction to the podcast and hosts
03:49 Shannon’s journey from hating her job to starting her own business
06:43 Taking on a part-time job and feeling a positive shift
08:09 Pursuing an education in herbalism and starting Mayernik Kitchen
09:23 Working with her husband as a unique partnership
10:03 Embracing herbalism and helping others through plant medicine
11:36 A deep connection to nature and local farming
12:28 Using plants for alternative medicine instead of viewing them as weeds
12:45 Medicinal plants easily grown in the backyard: lemon balm, catnip, yarrow, echinacea, dandelions
13:34 Traditional medicine before pharmaceutical companies
14:29 Stories of customer transformation
14:58 Pain relief using herbal products before surgery
16:09 Herbs for stress, anxiety, pain, sleep, inflammation, digestion, and immunity
17:04 Ashwagandha for anxiety and cortisol levels
17:46 Chamomile for sleep, anxiety, and digestion
18:11 Top three herbs to grow: lemon balm, chamomile, yarrow, and echinacea
18:51 Growing herbs outdoors in the northeast
19:51 Foraging invasive plants for medicinal use
20:13 Classes, workshops, and apprenticeships offered
21:17 Start small and learn to use specific plants
21:52 Preserving herbs through tincturing, infusing, or drying
22:31 Benefits of fermentation for gut health
23:05 Advice for finding a job you love and living a fulfilled life
23:42 Shannon talks about following her passion for herbalism while working a full-time job
24:26 Shannon discusses the importance of patience and financial stability when making career changes
25:18 Shannon mentions Robin Rose Bennett as her mentor in herbalism
26:11 Shannon shares the reality of working long hours when running your own business
26:51 Shannon talks about her plans to become a clinical herbalist
27:41 Shannon highlights the benefits of being an herbalist and farmer in New Jersey
28:57 The importance of finding a job you love
32:06 Holli and Robert reflect on Shannon’s story and encourage listeners to pursue their passions
33:14 Outro and closing remarks

Key Takeaways

  1. Shannon Mayernik took a significant leap from a career in publishing to founding her own herbalism business, emphasizing the importance of following one’s passion.
  2. Plant medicine and herbalism offer natural alternatives to conventional medication for common ailments such as colds, sleep issues, and digestive troubles.
  3. Herb gardening can be both a therapeutic pastime and a sustainable way to cultivate personal health remedies.
  4. Educating oneself and being financially pragmatic are crucial when transitioning to a passion-led career.
  5. Starting small and growing one’s passion for natural health into a business is possible with dedication, patience, and support.

Shannon Mayernik Quotes:

 “I went to a local farm just to pick up eggs in the morning. And as I was driving out, it just hit me. I said I had to quit my job. This is not what I want to do.”
“I followed my passion. I fell in love with herbalism and really just followed it.”
 “You don’t want to just grow all of these plants and then come fall, they die. You want to be using them throughout the year.”
“Dandelions? Everyone looks at it as a weed. It’s not a weed. It could be used medicinally from flower to root. And it’s great for your digestive system. It’s good for immunity, it’s good for the liver.”
“You’re always going to be thinking about work… It just comes with owning your own business.”

About Shannon Mayernik  

Shannon is an herbalist and plant medicine maker who started her green journey back in 2012. She graduated from Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and became an herbalist under the apprenticeship of Robin Rose Bennet. Shannon graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition in 2015 and became a Master Food Preserver in 2019. In 2022, Shannon became a Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist through the School for Aromatic Studies & in 2024, Shannon became a Flower Essence Practitioner. In 2015 she launched Mayernik Kitchen with her husband Matt, a Modern Day Herbal Apothecary in Pompton Plains, NJ. They are committed to producing pure herbal preparations and educating others on the art of growing and making medicine from plants. They offer a wide spectrum of plants and herbal medicines, integrating and preserving the sacred bounty. They create more than 75 products, created from many of the herbs sourced from their New Jersey farm. 

Courses Learn about gardening, growing flowers, & maintaining house plants
Herb Farmer Apprenticeship 
The Mayernik Kitchen Table embraces natural wellness and sustainability while enjoying video lessons, live events, conversations, and Q&A sessions

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