What We Know For Sure: Six Decades And Counting

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Podcast

Life is a series of moments strung together, colored by experiences that mark our journey from one milestone to the next. Join hosts Holli and Robert as they celebrate their age and talk fondly of their six decades lived as a testament to their resilience and positivity.  They share insights on marriage, parenting, and the value of a strong support system. Spanning topics like career transitions and entrepreneurship, personal growth, and family dynamics, the duo candidly shares the wisdom garnered from their own experiences, shedding light on the trajectory from their youth to the seasoned perspectives they now hold in their sixties. The episode doesn’t shy away from discussing the significance of growing older with gratitude, maintaining health, forging and nurturing relationships, and embracing change. This episode of ‘Between Over & Next’ will inspire listeners to lead a life brimming with joy and fulfillment, irrespective of their age.



In This Episode

00:00 Introduction to the podcast “Between Over and Next”
01:25 Reflection on the fleeting nature of time and the importance of being present
03:07 Gratitude for having all four parents still alive
04:33 Discussion on the relevance of the episode for all listeners
06:43 Reflection on physical changes and the realization of mortality
08:12 Appreciation for the resilience, forgiveness, and compassion in their relationship
09:39 Self-reflection on personal growth and investment in oneself
11:58 Importance of taking chances and stepping out of one’s comfort zone
12:32 Personal experience of career choices and parental expectations
13:21 Robert decides to pursue his passion, despite criticism
14:09 Taking chances and making calculated moves in life
15:28 Importance of building good financial habits in your twenties
17:19 Balancing work and personal life in your forties
19:02 The importance of having a support system
20:23 Embracing change and planning for the future
22:23 Prioritizing self-love and self-care
23:18 Reflecting on milestones and reevaluating in your fifties
25:54 Keeping the mind and body active in older age
26:48 Giving back is important, especially in retirement
27:14 We all have time to give to others
28:02 Top five tips for living a happy and fulfilling life
28:19 Failure is a building block towards greatness
29:09 Five mantras for living a happy and fulfilled life
29:48 Leaving a positive impact and legacy
30:16 Make sure your life is a story worth telling
30:33 Thank you for tuning in
30:49 Please leave a review and share it with others
31:11 Contact us with any questions or comments
31:16 Thank you for joining us

Key Takeaways:

  • Age is just a number; mindset and embracing every moment are the true determinants of a fulfilling life.
  • Investing in personal and professional growth in your twenties lays a strong foundation for the future.
  • The thirties and forties are pivotal for balancing family life with personal aspirations and maintaining strong relationships.
  • Reflection and reevaluation become more intrinsic in one’s fifties, setting the stage for a focused and intentional approach to the coming years.
  • Lifelong learning, self-care, and giving back to the community are essential practices for a happy and meaningful life.

Holli & Robert Quotes:

“Time seems to move so much faster as you get older.”
“Invest in your relationships over and over and over again.”
“We are the architect of our happiness.”
“I am grateful for the abundance in my life.”


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