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Join hosts Holli and Robert as they share their personal and professional journeys in this episode of “Between Over and Next.” From their backgrounds in videography and fashion to their entrepreneurial ventures, Holli and Robert have a wealth of experience to draw from. Together, they’ve launched multiple brands, including the Wedding Podcast Network, Canna Pop-Up, and At Home Event.

Spanning the realms of corporate to entrepreneurship, digital space engagement, and the emerging cannabis market, Holli and Robert reflect on the power of collaboration and branding in today’s dynamic world. The episode voyages through their shared experiences, from the birth of their video production business to their involvement in producing in-person and virtual events. Exhibiting both vulnerability and humor, they recount their stories in a candid conversation about their life and careers.

– Fostering creativity: Holli and Robert emphasize the importance of taking risks and adopting innovation in pursuing fulfilling careers.
– Valuing connections: They highlight how meaningful relationships have contributed to their growth, success, and the nurturing of new opportunities.
– Brand evolution: The conversation turns to their venture transitions, detailing pivots and realignments designed to keep pace with changing markets.
– Hybrid events spark: The pair recalls their pioneering efforts in launching The 21st Century Bride, blending virtual and in-person experiences.
– Cannabis advocacy: As proponents of the CBD and wellness industry, they speak about their roles in educating and elevating the conversation around cannabis.

In This Episode:

00:00 Introduction to the podcast and hosts
00:31 Episode title and overview of the episode
01:04 Discussion on taking risks and overcoming fear
02:17 Importance of relationships and connections
03:36 Bruce Springsteen’s quote on making sense of the world
07:00 Robert’s background and early experiences
09:10 Holli’s background and early experiences
11:00 Meeting and beginning of their entrepreneurial journey
12:15 Rebranding of Absolute Video and Robert Allen
13:22 Holli and Robert discuss Robert Allen’s achievements as a video journalist
14:11 Holli and Robert emphasize the importance of discussing sex
15:13 Robert shares his experience working with the organization “Thru My Eyes”
16:22 Holli and Robert discuss the importance of documenting one’s story
17:16 Holli and Robert highlight their expertise in the digital and corporate world
18:28 Holli and Robert mention their previous venture, Wedding Podcast Network
19:57 Holli and Robert discuss their brand, the 21st Century Bride, and its success
21:29 Robert expresses his desire to be more involved in the cannabis industry
23:44 Holli and Robert talk about their shift to online events due to the COVID-19 pandemic
25:14 Holli and Robert introduce their new brand and express their excitement for podcasting
26:18 Holli and Robert reflect on their journey and the significance of their new endeavor
27:39 Holli expresses her love and gratitude for Robert and their partnership
27:39 Robert and Holli discuss their new endeavor
28:01 Holli expresses gratitude for listeners and promises a meaningful experience
28:34 Robert thanks Holli for being his partner
28:56 Robert and Holli express pride in their accomplishments
29:35 Robert and Holli conclude the podcast and encourage sharing
30.19 End of the podcast

Key Takeaways:

1. Holli and Robert’s collaborative spirit and complementary skills have defined their joint ventures and personal relationship.
2. The duo believes in continuous learning and embracing digital innovation to adapt and thrive in shifting industries.
3. Their entrepreneurial journey reflects a commitment to high-quality content creation and crafting meaningful experiences.
4. The couple serves as a bridge between traditional marketing practices and the versatility of new media formats.
5. There is an emphasis on documenting personal stories and legacies as a means of enriching life experiences and sharing wisdom.

Holli & Robert Quotes:

“…we’ve built something in the boardroom and the bedroom, and we each bring something special to our life.”
“Nothing is ever lost in what we do. It all becomes part of our toolkit, and our ability to create something from nothing is what we do.”
“…that’s where that space between over and next can happen because that’s where you make all of those decisions, where we can actually do better and be better.”
“So every presentation was 15 minutes or less… You don’t have to fast forward to the good parts because everything was a good part.” –
“I have never felt more at home than now because we are right where we are supposed to be.”

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At Home Event: Online marketplace bringing people and businesses together

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