Navigating Divorce: Expert Advice for a Successful Outcome

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Podcast

In this episode of “Between Over and Next,” hosts Holli and Robert interview Salvatore (Sal) A. Simeone, a leading matrimonial lawyer, about the process of divorce. Sal shares his journey and multiple pivots that led him to his career in family law. Deep-diving into the conversation, Sal imparts wisdom on several fronts. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right attorney who will be a good fit and provide guidance throughout the divorce process. Sal also offers advice for those considering divorce, highlighting the need for communication, resilience, and the understanding that life can thrive after divorce.

Sal’s narrative serves as a cornerstone of the conversation, detailing his progression from a former athlete and postal worker to a respected family law attorney. His approach balances the intricacies of the legal divorce process with the human element, underscoring the importance of compassion and client-attorney synergy. The episode presents divorce not only as an end but also as a potential starting point for individuals to rediscover happiness and fulfillment. These insights are foundational for anyone contemplating or enduring the divorce process.



00:00 Introduction to the podcast and the topic of divorce
03:17 Sal Simeone’s pivots leading up to his career
07:32 The pivotal moment when Sal made a connection with a mentor
09:26 Why Sal chose divorce law as his specialization
10:50 Sal’s personal experience with divorce
11:38 Life after divorce and the next phase of Sal’s life
12:07 Sal shares his experience of life after divorce and finding love again
13:04 Sal emphasizes the importance of choosing the right attorney for divorce cases
14:36 Sal advises meeting the attorney in person and ensuring their full attention during the consultation
15:16 Sal suggests looking for certified matrimonial attorneys with legal acumen and good people skills
18:04 Sal discusses the differences in divorce challenges between younger and older couples
19:31 Sal explains how he tailors his approach based on the life stage of the couple
22:30 Sal advises getting the best attorney that fits the individual’s personality and needs
23:10 Picking the right attorney and understanding the divorce process
23:38 Importance of being an involved client and finding a partnership with your attorney
24:18 The impact of divorce on children and extended families
24:38 Not involving children in custody cases and being a shield for clients
25:32 The approach of fairness and reasonableness in divorce cases
26:12 Transitioning from aggressive to assertive approach in divorce cases
27:20 Helping individuals understand that life is not over after divorce
28:20 Emphasizing the importance of communication, connection, and optimism
29:23 Resiliency of individuals and the impact of divorce on children
31:15 The shift towards shared custody and the best interest of the children
31:47 The importance of minimizing damage and helping clients move forward
32:22 Challenges of second marriages and the need for compatibility
33:15 Final thoughts on divorce and finding the right attorney
35:18 Recognizing moments and opportunities in life
35:58 The next step should be a step up, not a step-down
36:37 Importance of communication and family thriving
37:31 Links to resources in show notes for finding an attorney
37:45 Sharing the podcast with friends and family
38:06 Relevant links in show notes
38:23 Closing remarks and gratitude for listening

Key Takeaways:

  1. Choosing a divorce attorney should not only be about legal expertise but also about finding a personal fit and establishing a strong client-attorney partnership.
  2. Younger generations are quicker to exit unsatisfactory marriages, while older couples tend to deliberate more due to longstanding investments in their relationships.
  3. Life after divorce should be approached with an optimistic outlook, recognizing the potential for personal rebirth and happiness in future relationships.
  4. The best interest of the family, especially children, should be the central focus during divorce proceedings, advocating for fair outcomes and mindful transitions.
  5. Open, clear communication is essential throughout the divorce process to ensure expectations are realistic and clients are well-informed.

Sal Simeone Quotes:

“I tell my kids all the time, you’re going to find somebody who’s going to help you get a break.” – Sal Simeone on the importance of mentorship.
“As an attorney, you also are a counselor at law, and there’s a part of that title that is a counselor.” – Sal Simeone highlighting the dual role of lawyers in family law.
“Don’t be afraid of divorce. Don’t be afraid of trying to make it back with your spouse. But once you see that it’s not working, go find the right attorney a match for you.” – Sal Simeone on taking decisive action.
“Being a shield for your client also encompasses you having to be offensive at times and do things affirmatively.” – Sal Simeone on the role of a lawyer as a protector, not just an attacker.
“People have a resiliency that they don’t realize.” – Sal Simeone on the innate strength individuals possess when facing life challenges such as divorce.

About Salvatore “Sal” Simeone, Esq. 

Sal Simeone is a seasoned matrimonial lawyer based in Northern New Jersey. With a personal journey marked by a series of significant life pivots, Sal has emerged as a leading figure in family law. His professional trajectory includes returning to higher education later in life and transitioning from a mailman to a successful attorney. Sal’s expertise is particularly notable in the domain of divorce, where he blends legal acumen with a deeply empathetic approach, guiding his clients through one of life’s most challenging pivots.

He is a partner at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC. Throughout his distinguished career, Sal has dedicated his practice to assisting clients in all their divorce and family matters, with a special focus on high-conflict divorce cases, custody battles, custodial parent relocation, domestic violence, alimony, child support, and contested asset and complex business valuations, as well as the various facets of equitable distribution. He also handles adoptions, and cases involving the Division of Child Protection and Permanency, and is often appointed as a Guardian Ad Litem and Parenting Coordinator by the New Jersey Courts.

Outside the courtroom, Sal has volunteered his time to the Morris County Battered Women Legal Advocacy Program, where he consulted with victims of domestic abuse on a pro bono basis. He has also volunteered his time to present educational programs on behalf of the Women’s Center at the County College of Morris, Randolph, New Jersey.

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