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Hello, everyone! We are thrilled to announce a special milestone for ‘Between Over & Next’: we have successfully aired 25 episodes! In our latest episode, Holli and Robert look back, reflect, and share some noteworthy moments that have shaped their podcast journey over the past six months. Here’s a recap of their engaging conversation, highlighting the essence of their podcast and the incredible guests who joined them along the way.

Beginnings and First Impressions
Robert and Holli kicked off the episode by sharing a cute anecdote about their matching “Made in Brooklyn” t-shirts, which provided a fun visual treat for YouTube viewers. This lighthearted start set the tone for their discussion about the origins and growth of the podcast Robert reminisced about their early days, mentioning how they decided on a weekly episode schedule to create a consistent flow of content. Despite the demanding commitment, they aimed to provide valuable content for their listeners.

Appreciation for The Audience
Gratitude is a recurring theme in this celebratory episode. Holli and Robert wholeheartedly thank their listeners for tuning in, highlighting the importance of audience support in their journey. They emphasized that listener feedback has been pivotal in shaping their content, making each episode resonate more deeply.

A Look Back: 25 Episodes of Growth and Gratitude
The duo took a trip down memory lane, discussing their favorite episodes and valuable lessons learned. Every episode offered unique insights, from entrepreneurship to personal growth. Here are some highlights:

  • Parent-Child Journeys: Episode 4, featuring their children Lindsey and Alex, explored the impact of parental mentorship. It remains a favorite, resonating with many parents and caregivers.
  • Navigating Divorce: Episode 8 with matrimonial attorney Sal Simeone turned out to be a top episode. It provided a fresh, optimistic perspective on life post-divorce, offering strategies and insights that were well-received by listeners.
  • A Lasting Legacy: Episode 12 focused on the value of video storytelling. Holli and Robert shared a free guide and discussed how documenting personal stories can create a meaningful legacy.
  • Diverse Guest Stories: From romance author Arell Rivers to PR expert Stu Zakim, each guest brought their unique journey and expertise to the table, enriching the podcast content.

The Essence of Between Over and Next
Holli and Robert reiterated the podcast’s mission – to explore pivotal life themes such as entrepreneurship, personal growth, and legacy. They emphasized the importance of commitment and consistency, traits that are crucial for anyone looking to start their podcast. Holli highlighted the power of relationships and networking in inviting guests who shared their inspiring stories. Whether it’s personal friends or professional colleagues, every guest added incredible value by sharing their experiences.

Community and Future Plans
Toward the end of Episode 25, Holli and Roberti expressed their gratitude to listeners who have communicated with them and left reviews. They underscored the importance of being part of their email list to stay updated on new content and special announcements, especially given the unpredictability of social media platforms. They teased upcoming content, promising more fantastic episodes that will continue to inspire and engage their audience. There’s also a call for audience recommendations – if you know someone with a remarkable story, reach out!

Final Thoughts
Holli and Robert signed off by honoring the inspiration behind their podcast, Norman Lear, who recently passed away. They acknowledged his groundbreaking work in the television industry and credited him for sparking the idea of exploring the space “between what was, what is, and what’s to come.”

Thank YOU for celebrating this milestone with us!
Whether you’re a new listener or have been with us from the start, your support means the world. Here’s to many more episodes of exploring, learning, and growing together on ‘Between Over & Next“.

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