A Look Back: 25 Episodes of Growth and Gratitude

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Podcast


This special episode of “Between Over & Next” marks the 25th episode milestone, where hosts Holli & Robert reflect on the podcast’s journey over the last six months. They celebrate their progress and share insights about the challenges and triumphs they faced while producing 24 episodes packed with valuable content. With themes of entrepreneurship, life pivots, and personal growth, this episode promises a treasure trove of reflections and gratitude.

Holli & Robert emphasize the importance of commitment, consistency, and authenticity in their podcasting journey. They revisit the valuable lessons and profound insights shared by their 16 guests, including their children, friends, colleagues, and experts from diverse fields. They stress the value of experience and expertise in navigating life’s major pivots, such as relocating homes or going through a divorce. The episode also brings to light the significance of strong relationships and meaningful connections in achieving personal and professional success.

Thank you for joining Holli & Robert on this reflective journey through their first six months of podcasting. Tune in to the full episode to hear more about their experiences and stay posted for more enlightening content from “Between Over & Next.” Don’t forget to subscribe, share, and leave a review to support their mission of helping you navigate life’s twists and turns with inspiration and insight.

In This Episode

0:00 Celebrating 25 Episodes of “Between Over & Next”
3:09 The Commitment and Strategy Behind Successful Podcasting
5:18 Exploring Life’s Pivots, Milestones, and Legacy Through Storytelling
8:13 The Importance of Email Lists Over Social Media
11:16 Celebrating Milestones and Lifelong Mentorship with Family
14:41 Navigating Home Buying and Selling with Expert Help
16:56 Navigating Divorce: Expert Advice for a Successful Outcome
18:47 The Power of Relationships and Networking in Podcast Success
24:02 Reflecting on Six Months of Podcasting and Future Plans

Key Takeaways

  • Commitment and Consistency: Holli and Robert underscore the importance of staying committed and consistent to produce quality content regularly.
  • Value of Expertise: Emphasizing no substitute for experience, they highlight how expert guests provided deep insights into navigating significant life transitions.
  • Power of Relationships: Meaningful personal and professional connections have been crucial in shaping the podcast’s journey and achieving success.
  • Navigating Life’s Pivots: The hosts and their guests share real-life stories about adapting to changing circumstances and overcoming challenges.
  • Audience Engagement: The importance of audience feedback, writing reviews, and joining the mailing list to stay connected and updated.

Holli & Robert Quotes

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over these 24 episodes, and we feel good looking back at all the hard work we’ve done.”
“The power of belief in yourself and trusting the process is essential in navigating life’s uncertainties.”
“Choosing the right people to help you through life’s significant changes, like moving homes or navigating a divorce, is crucial.”
“Legacy is something that really matters to us, and we believe everyone has a legacy to leave.”
“The relationships and meaningful connections we’ve built along the way have been instrumental in our success.”
“Embracing one’s passion and being open to life’s changing landscapes is essential for growth and happiness.”

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